Corporate Governance

Kingston Properties Limited is managed under the direction of a Board of Directors. One of the principal objectives of the Board is to maximize long-term economic value for the stockholders. The Directors of the Kingston Properties Limited are committed to the principles of excellence, inclusion and transparency. These principles include regular attendance at board meetings so that the affairs of Kingston Properties Limited are properly monitored, oversight of accounting and financial reporting, monitoring of compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as oversight of internal controls and procedures and audit functions.

The Board of Directors of Kingston Properties Limited has determined that the financial interests of the members of the Board should be closely aligned with the interests of the stockholders. Consequently, all non-employee members of the Board  must own by the end of his or her first year as director an amount of the company’s common stock equal to five  times the cash annual board retainer that is payable to each non-employee member of the Board

No director may assign, alienate, anticipate, sell, transfer, pledge or encumber his or her shares as would cause that director’s assessed value of the Company’s stock holdings to fall below his or her total stock ownership requirement.

Corporate Governance Index (CGI) score
0 (A)