who we Are

Kingston Properties Limited (JSE Symbol: KPREIT) is a real estate investment company that was incorporated in Jamaica in April 2008.

 KPREIT invests in and actively manages real estate properties to generate stable, sustained cash flows and capital appreciation of its properties for the benefit of its shareholders.

With properties owned and managed in 3 countries, Kingston properties is the premier real estate investment trust in Jamaica

What We Do

Investment Management

We adopt nimble investment strategies to satisfy our target returns while balancing the risk of the portfolio.

Property Management

Managing our property portfolio is vital to generating and sustaining shareholder prosperity.


A critical focus of our business strategy is to ensure that we operate at optimal levels of efficiency.

Become a Shareholder

Step 1: Simply open an account with your local broker. Step 2:Tell them you wish to buy the shares of Kingston Properties Ltd. For more information on Kingston Properties and opportunities to partner, email our Investor Relations Officer, Tatesha Rowe at info@kpreit.com



Volume Traded: 4,939

Updated: 04/22/2024

Our Environmental Policy

Kingston Properties Limited is committed to protecting the environment and improving stakeholder value by conducting our operations and activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. To this end, in 2022 we officially launched our Green Policy to guide our internal actions and external partnerships with the goal of positively contributing to environmental protection, increasing awareness, and promoting sustainability. Adopting “Green” Building methods and operations improve the way we use energy, water and materials to reduce negative impacts on human health and the overall environment.

News & Advisories

15th Anniversary