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Kingston Properties Limited

Who We Are?

Kingston Properties Limited (JSE Symbol: KPREIT) is a real estate investment company that was incorporated in Jamaica in April 2008. KPREIT invests in and actively manages real estate properties to generate stable, sustained cash flows and capital appreciation of its properties for the benefit of its shareholders.

Mission Statement

To be the premier real estate investing company in Jamaica that acquires, owns, leases and manages real estate properties on behalf of our shareholders.

Vision Statement

To be the leading, readily recognized REIT known for creating shareholder value by its consistent and stable dividends.

What We Do?

Investment Management

We adopt nimble investment strategies to satisfy our target returns while balancing the risk of the portfolio.


Active Management of the property portfolio is a key component in our mission to create and maintain shareholder wealth.


A critical focus of our business strategy is to ensure that we operate at optimal levels of efficiency.

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Market Value of Outstanding Shares

$5.53 to $11.75

52 Week Range

1 to 602,716 units

52 Week Volume Range

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Quick Facts

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For more information contact us at (876)-754-7840 or info@kpreit.com