Kingston Properties Ltd.

Incorporated in Jamaica as a real estate investment company, Kingston Properties Limited (KPREIT) formerly known as Carlton Savannah (REIT) Jamaica Limited – commenced operations in April 2008, with the goal of being the premier real estate investing company that creates wealth for its shareholders. Following the principles of a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), the Company’s shareholders benefit from both the appreciation of the value of the properties owned, as well as, the distribution of the income derived from these assets.

Buy Local, Own Global

Our “Buy Local, Own Global” motto refers to the fact that the ownership of shares in KPREIT means that various types of shareholders, even those with limited funds, can access a geographically diversified real estate portfolio that generates sustained cash flows.

Consequently, shareholders do not have to purchase the real physical property in order to receive financial benefits from that investment outside the shores of Jamaica.