Board of Directors

Rezworth Burchenson

Rezworth Burchenson is a Senior Vice President and member of the Executive Leadership Team of the iconic VM Group, and CEO of VM Investments Limited (VMIL) and its subsidiary, VM Wealth Management (VMWM). He transitioned to the Victoria Mutual Group from his prior role as CEO of Prime Asset Management Ltd, Jamaica’s only independent pension provider.

Before Prime, he was Vice President and General Manager of Pan Caribbean Asset Management Ltd, with an overarching responsibility for managing Jamaica’s largest unit trust (Sigma Unit Trust). He currently serves on the boards of National Road Operating and Constructing Company, National Education Trust Ltd (NET), Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica, and Pension Funds Association of Jamaica (PFAJ). In 2012, Mr. Burchenson was named to the PSOJ’s exclusive ‘50 Under Fifty’ in the field of investments and finance.

Barclays Bank Scholar while at the University of the West Indies, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (Hons.) and an MBA in Banking and Finance (Hons.). His most recent executive education programme was participation in the Kaplan-Norton Strategy Execution Bootcamp by the Palladium Group.