Kingston Properties Limited (KPREIT) Announces Corporate Restructuring

Kingston Properties Limited (KPREIT) has advised of a strategic reorganisation of the Group’s structure. With this restructuring, KPREIT transferred 100% of its shareholdings in Kingston Properties (St. Lucia) Limited on January 4, 2022, to its wholly owned subsidiary KPREIT (St Lucia) Limited which was incorporated in St Lucia on December 29, 2021. Additionally, Kingston Properties (St Lucia) Limited was deregistered from the Registrar of Companies in St Lucia on January 4, 2022, and re-domiciled in the Cayman Islands on the same date, with the name changed to KPREIT (Cayman) Limited. This results in KPREIT (Cayman) Limited being the direct holder of all investment properties located in the Cayman Islands. Read more

Source: JSE