Rezworth Burchenson


Rezworth Burchenson is a Senior Vice President and member of the Executive Leadership Team of the iconic VM Group, and CEO of VM Investments Limited (VMIL) and its subsidiary, VM Wealth Management (VMWM).

Rezworth was appointed CEO of VMIL and VMWM in January 2019 after a successful tenure as Deputy CEO of both businesses and CEO of VM Pensions Management Limited.

He is a results-focused, purpose-driven leader with an impressive record of success in the financial services industry. Before joining the VM Group, Rezworth had provided transformative leadership in senior roles including CEO of Prime Asset Management Ltd and Vice President and General Manager of Pan Caribbean Asset Management Ltd, with principal responsibility for managing Jamaica’s largest unit trust (Sigma Unit Trust).

Rezworth is well regarded by his industry peers, his team members and clients, and has received accolades for his contribution to the local financial landscape. In 2012, he was named among the PSOJ’s exclusive ‘50 Under Fifty’ in the field of investments and finance.